A range of experts from throughout the sector


Matt Bromley
GCSE English engaging and supporting learners in a virtual classroom

Matt’s workshop will explore how we can use online strategies and techniques to support GCSE English learners, as well as giving a range of easily applied and practical strategies to engage when in the classroom. Packed with take-away strategies, it’s a must for any teachers of GCSE English.

Craig Barton 
GCSE Maths engaging and supporting learners in a virtual classroom

With an enormous amount of experience in innovation in maths, Craig’s session will cover on how we can support GCSE maths students in the classroom and online, and focus on how we can do more for our students, whilst keeping our own workload down.

Suzanne Coulson
Functional English: engaging and supporting
learners in a virtual classroom:

A highly experienced Functional Skills practitioner, Suzanne’s session is focused around how to best support students online whilst also linking this to what happens in the classroom. Suzanne’s session will also look at how we can engage challenging students using a range of strategies and innovations.

Julia Smith 
Functional Maths: engaging and supporting learners in a virtual classroom

Join Julia on a foray into the fabulous world of functional maths: what works, what doesn't, what the challenges and successes are and how we can fully support functional maths learning. This session will be supported by a unique padlet of fabulous and free functional maths resources.

Claire-Marie Boggiano 
Resilience and wellbeing techniques to change of pace and environment.

With a wealth of experience across several sectors, Claire-Marie's workshop will focus on develop strategies for remaining at your best and ensuring you can switch off from what has been a highly challenging year. With a range of approaches to wellbeing and developing resilience, this session will help teachers to disconnect from every day challenges.

Russell Stannard
Effective assessment and feedback in a virtual world

Based around easily applied (and free) tools and other innovative resources, Russell’s workshop will look at how we can quickly and effectively assess students and provide high quality feedback whilst not adding to workload. An expert in utilising new technologies to support students, this session promises a range of strategies which can be simply utilised for maximum impact.


Matt Bromley.jpg
Matt Bromley 
(GCSE English)

With over 18 years of experience in teaching and leadership roles, Matt works as a consultant, national and international speaker, and trainer. He is currently a primary school governor. He provides education advice to charities, government agencies, training providers, colleges and multi-academy trusts.

Julia Smith.jpg
Julia Smith 
(Functional Skills maths)

Julia is an active maths author working in the sector; you may know her work from publications with Cambridge University Press, Harper Collins and BBC Bitesize. Julia has worked in the sector as a teacher and teacher trainer, and is a post-16 GCSE/Functional Maths specialist. Julia describes herself as a ‘rabid tweeter’ – you can follow Julia @tessmaths.

Craig Barton 2.jpg
Craig Barton
(GCSE maths)

A maths teacher since 2004, Craig has also worked as an Advanced Skills Teacher (AST), and has a passion for teaching, learning and assessment. With a hugely successful website (Mr Barton maths) and podcast, Craig is also Head of Education at Eedi, a company he co-founded. Craig has been the Secondary Maths Adviser to TES since 2009 and is the best-selling author of "How I wish I'd taught maths: Lessons learned from research, conversations with experts and 12 years of mistakes"

Claire-Marie Boggiano 2.jpg
Claire-Marie Boggiano 

An energetic and innovative change and people development professional, Claire-Marie is a Chartered Engineer and lecturer at Alliance Manchester Business School. Experienced in coaching high performance teams, she believes in using strong team-building, communication and facilitation of skills to achieve results. She is also a strong believer that businesses succeed by working with the imagination and talents of their people.

Suzanne Coulson.jpg
Suzanne Coulson 
(Functional Skills English)

Having worked as an English practitioner and TLA coach in an FE setting, Suzanne has a wealth of experience in delivering impactful training. Also working as a regional Advanced Practitioner and previously chairing ETF projects, she is passionate about innovation and using technology to support teaching and learning.

Russell Stannard.jpg
Russell Stannard
(Online assessment and feedback)

Russell is a multi-award-winning Educational Technologist and founder of www.teachertrainingvideos.com. He has received awards from the British Council, the Times Higher and the University of Westminster for his work in the use of ICT in education. He was previously a Principal Educational Technologist at the University of Warwick and the University of Westminster and his popular newsletter has over 25,000 subscribers and his YouTube channel has 35,000 subscribers.